Venerable Annuity Review: What You Need To Know

Are Venerable annuities the right choice for your retirement? Our in-depth venerable annuity review scrutinizes their financial strength, customer service quality, and investment strategies to provide you with the crucial information you need without any fluff.


  • Venerable is recognized for its strong financial base, focusing on variable annuities, contributing to its ability to fulfill long-term obligations and maintain customer trust in securing their retirements.
  • The company demonstrates financial resilience with upgraded ratings from credit agencies such as KBRA, reflecting Venerable’s market position and capacity to meet its financial commitments, despite not being rated by the top three agencies.
  • Through strategic acquisitions and effective portfolio management, Venerable has significantly increased its annuity reserves and shown commitment to risk management, which ensures stability and trust among investors and policyholders
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Understanding Venerable as an Annuity Company

In the insurance industry, Venerable has distinguished itself as a prominent annuity company. The company’s main focus is the acquisition and management of annuity contracts, and its focus on variable annuities sets It apart in the industry.

Venerable’s financial strength is underpinned by a robust capital base, which is vital in managing the long-term investment strategies and obligations inherent to annuities.

This strong capitalization allows Venerable to keep their promises to customers, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a secure retirement.

Venerable’s Market Position and Credit Ratings

In the insurance industry, credit ratings are of pivotal importance. They reflect a company’s financial strength and ability to meet its obligations. Venerable’s credit rating is a testament to its financial stability.

Recently, Venerable Holdings, Inc. had its issuer and debt ratings upgraded by a credit rating provider, Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA), from BBB- to BBB.

Moreover, the insurance financial strength ratings of Venerable Insurance and Annuity Company (VIAC) and Corporate Solutions Life Reinsurance Company (CSLR) were elevated from A- to A, showcasing their financial resilience.

Even the surplus note ratings of VIAC and CSLR witnessed a positive shift, moving from BBB to BBB+.

These upgrades are a clear indication of Venerable’s strong market position, as recognized by insurance commissioners.

While the top three rating agencies may not rate Venerable Life Insurance Company, it still holds an impressive A rating by a certain national association agency, further solidifying its standing in the market.

Acquisition Strategy and Portfolio Management by Venerable

The acquisition of annuity contracts from other companies forms the crux of Venerable’s business model. This strategy was evident in their agreement to recapture $2.8 billion of payout annuity reserves from Athene.

This transaction included guaranteed minimum income benefit rider annuitizations as well as annuitized fixed annuity contracts.

Upon the completion of this transaction, Venerable assumed responsibility for the ongoing administration of the contracts involved. This strategic move led to a 57% increase in Venerable’s payout annuity reserves, a testament to the precision and efficacy of their acquisition strategy.

Venerable’s acquisition strategy and investment portfolio management are well-coordinated, ensuring the seamless integration of acquired contracts into their existing portfolio.

This strategic approach underpins Venerable’s business model and is a key driver of their continued growth in the annuity industry.

Customer Experience with Venerable Annuities

Given the long-term commitment that annuities require, it is crucial to choose a company that values customer satisfaction. Venerable has a top-tier rating for claims handling, reflecting efficient and reliable processes that have garnered positive customer feedback.

In addition to handling claims, the company provides educational resources, calculators, and interactive tools. These resources help clients make informed decisions about their insurance and annuity portfolios. These resources empower customers, enabling them to take charge of their financial future.

Adding to its customer-centric approach, Venerable offers a mobile app and online account management system that allow policyholders to easily:

  • Access policy details
  • Check account status
  • File claims
  • Update personal details
  • View transaction history
  • Access important documents

This use of digital tools enhances the customer experience, making Venerable a customer-friendly choice in the annuity market.

Venerable Holdings’ Commitment to Risk Management

Just like any financial institution, Venerable considers risk management to be a crucial aspect. The company’s successful risk management over the past five years has been recognized with a ratings upgrade, demonstrating their ability to handle various real-life stress scenarios.

Venerable’s commitment to risk management extends to its strategic transactions designed to enhance liquidity and generate a more stable cash flow profile.

Through these transactions, Venerable has managed to increase their annual cash flow by an estimated 15%, underscoring the effectiveness of their risk management strategies.

The stable revision of Venerable’s ratings outlook is a reflection of their expected continuity in strategic success and risk management prowess.

As the company revises its outlook, this commitment to risk management instills trust in investors and policyholders alike, further strengthening Venerable’s position in the annuity market.

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In conclusion, Venerable is a formidable player in the annuity industry with a strong market position, robust acquisition strategy, and unwavering commitment to risk management.

Its customer-centric approach, reflected in efficient claims handling and a wealth of educational resources, sets it apart.

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