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Finally, a Wealth Consultant You Can Trust.

Protect whats important. Grow your legacy.


John Stevenson

Financial Advisor

NPN: 7508883

About Me

Providing tax-free wealth and retirement consulting services to his clients since 2002. John has been able to help many people protect their families, pass on estates to their loved ones, and build wealth safely. 

John knows the importance of helping families protect against financial downturns and build wealth. He has recently been published in numerous publications with millions of readers worldwide such as Blogher, NuWire Investor, MenProvement, YFS Magazine, and others.


Tax-Free Retirement Accounts structured to build wealth without the limits and restrictions of traditional investment accounts

Estate Planning

Pass on your estate to your family without being worried about taxes taking your hard earned legacy away from them.


Lifetime income planning, Annuities, and unconventional Tax-Free Retirement strategies that give you ultimate freedom and flexibility.


Retirement Planning

Leverage indexed growth accounts to provide financial security that you can turn into an income stream during your retirement years.

TFRA is a strategy for building tax-free wealth without the restrictions of traditional accounts such as 401ks and IRAs. It can be very effective in building large amounts of wealth if it is structured properly.


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