The TFRA (Tax-Free Retirement Account):

Why hasn't my financial advisor ever told me about this?

Reason 1:

Most financial advisors don’t know that an account like this exists. Nor, do they know how to set it up to be legally tax-free for the account holder.

Reason 2:

Most financial advisors recommend financial vehicles that the company they’ve contracted with… tells them to recommend.

As a result, less than 0.07% of Americans have what we call a “TFRA” account set up—while more than half the population has a taxable 401(k) or similar tax-deferred retirement account.

You have to pay taxes.

( upfront or at the end—either way you will be taxed heavily).

Your money is not liquid.

(you can’t access your money any time you want, and if you do, you’re fiscally penalized).

You are limited to how much you invest.

(plans with most tax benefits have funding limits).

Your money is not guaranteed.

(The money in your 401(k) or IRA soars with the market, and goes down with the market.)

​You are required to report your earnings to the IRS.

(Everything in a 401(k) or IRA is, uncle sam’s business.)

And there are many more wonderful fiscal things you can do with an account like this… But!…

Is It “Too Good To Be True,” You Ask?

Nope. It’s very real. In fact, an Account like a TFRA is not a new investment strategy. Accounts like these have been used by wealthy individuals and families for over 100 years to build, then pass on fortunes in a legally tax-free environment. President John F. Kennedy had an account like this. So did Presidents Taft, Cleveland, McKinley, Harding, and FDR (FDR, in fact, held a large portion of his estate—$562,142 or over $7 million in today’s dollars—inside his account…) Even John McCain used his account to fund his electoral campaign back in ’08. The only question is…

Do You Qualify For A Tax-Free Retirement Account?

A TFRA account is NOT available just to the super-rich… However: an account like this can only be technically set up if you or your family qualify for it. To discover if you qualify for a TFRA, take our 30 second survey below.

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