John Stevenson

John Stevenson, a prominent wealth protection educator, has been able to help thousands of people successfully strategize for retirement. With retirees living longer and retiring earlier, having a retirement income that cannot be outlived has been a growing concern for many seniors. His clients include teachers, business owners, executives, doctors, and entrepreneurs to name a few. Not a single client has ever lost money due to market fluctuations.

John is also an expert in structuring Tax-Free Retirement Accounts, which help his clients build wealth safely, and enjoy an extremely low tax burden, or even zero taxes in retirement. His services focus on helping people Retire On Purpose, and not just leaving it to chance.

As an avid educator, John actively teaches classes on social security, estate planning, and retirement tax planning in universities and colleges throughout Nevada. He’s also a well-known Guaranteed Retirement Guy host with thousands of listeners who tune in each week to learn from him.

John knows the importance of helping seniors and families protect against financial downturns, have income they can’t outlive, and minimize taxes. He has recently been published in numerous publications with millions of readers worldwide such as Think Advisor,, The Annuity Associates, Retire Village, YFS Magazine, and others.

Blessed with a beautiful wife and 5-children, John is the happiest when he is able to spend time with them. When he’s not helping seniors and families, he is with his own family, or somewhere exploring in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Interesting Facts:

Ambitious 100%
Funny 60%
Lucky 80%
Fitness Level 90%
Veggie Consumption 100%
Fishing Skills 20%
Meticulous 100%
Family Oriented 100%
Traveller 80%
Honest 100%
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