What is a QLAC Annuity?

Imagine a retirement plan that offers guaranteed lifetime income, tax advantages, and deferral of required minimum distributions (RMDs).

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s precisely what a QLAC annuity – a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) can provide.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the basics, benefits, and potential drawbacks to make more informed decisions about QLACs as part of your retirement income strategy.


  • QLACs provide guaranteed lifetime income, tax benefits, and the ability to defer RMDs for qualified retirement plans and IRAs.
  • The contribution limit has recently been increased to a maximum of $200,000 with various options such as death benefits, cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) & annuity laddering available.
  • Expert advice is recommended when selecting an insurance company due to potential drawbacks like inflexibility & reliance on the financial health of the issuer.

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Understanding QLACs: The Basics

A Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) represents a deferred fixed annuity. Its design allows for a guaranteed lifetime income, obtained by transferring funds from a qualified account like an IRA or traditional IRA.

QLACs aim to provide financial security during retirement by ensuring individuals do not outlive their funds. By investing in qualifying longevity annuity contracts, retirees can secure their financial future and enjoy a worry-free retirement.

QLACs offer advantages like:

  • Tax reduction
  • Minimized Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • Future income planning
  • Enhanced financial security for late retirees
  • Protection of savings from market fluctuations
  • No annual fees
  • Deferred distributions
  • Potential gains for spouses and other beneficiaries

However, there are certain disadvantages of a QLAC, including:

Qualified Accounts for QLACs

To provide income during retirement, a QLAC can be funded with investments from a qualified retirement plan or an individual retirement account (IRA). Using an IRA or a traditional IRA for a QLAC yields primary benefits such as:

  • Minimized required minimum distributions
  • Feeless lump sum investment
  • Distribution deferral to a later date
  • Acquisition of a guaranteed income stream
  • Assurance of a lifetime income during retirement

The SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 has further simplified the QLAC landscape by allowing individuals to transfer up to $200,000 to a QLAC, with the limit being adjusted for inflation on an annual basis, and eliminating the rule that caps QLAC premiums at 25% of the participant’s total plan assets.

Exemption from RMDs

A key benefit of QLACs lies in their exemption from RMD rules. It is possible to delay receiving payments from a QLAC until age 85.

Such an exemption can bolster retirement income security. Retirees can thus maximize tax effectiveness, making use of IRS allowances and avoiding an increase in their tax bracket.

The maximum age for deferral of RMDs with a QLAC is 85 years.

Benefits of a QLAC Annuity

QLACs provide guaranteed lifetime income along with tax benefits, and the option to defer RMDs. Compared to other investments that may be subject to stock market or interest rate risk, QLAC annuities provide income security at a competitive cost.

The tax advantages of a QLAC annuity include:

  • Deferral of income taxes typically mandatory with Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • Decrease in an investor’s tax burden by protecting a segment of retirement account money from RMD calculations
  • Opportunity to postpone Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) up until age 85, which can significantly reduce one’s tax burden.

A QLAC annuity ensures financial security in retirement. It guarantees that individuals won’t outlive their retirement savings, protects against the risk of depleting funds, and provides a reliable, lifelong income source.

QLAC Contribution Limits and Purpose

QLACs aim to strike a balance between guaranteed income and alternative investment opportunities, providing QLAC income security. The limit for contributions to Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) is up to $200,000.

The regulations about QLAC funding before 2023 were extensive. They included both a percentage and a total dollar limit. The recent enactment of the SECURE Act 2.0 simplified the regulations and increased the maximum funding amount to $200,000.

This is positive news for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

How QLACs Work: From Transfer to Income

QLACs function by relocating funds from a qualified account to an annuity within another IRA, which then supplies a steady income stream during retirement.

To transfer funds from a qualified account to a QLAC, it is necessary to establish a QLAC by transferring money from an existing IRA or 401k account.

The transferred funds are utilized to acquire the QLAC annuity, which diminishes the retiree’s annual Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) determined on other retirement accounts.

A QLAC guarantees lifelong income, starting at a date chosen by the individual.

Choosing the Right Insurance Company for Your QLAC

Selecting an insurance company for your QLAC is a critical step, given that only some companies provide QLACs and their financial strength matters greatly.

A.M. Best, S&P Global Financial Strength Ratings, and the Comdex rating system can be consulted to ascertain the financial strength ratings of the annuity company.

Additionally, one should assess the reputation and customer satisfaction of the annuity company by consulting the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint score index.

Evaluating the suitability of the specific product for one’s needs is also a wise step.

Customizing Your QLAC: Options and Strategies

Customizing your QLAC with options like death benefits, cost-of-living adjustments (COLA), and annuity laddering can help optimize your retirement income strategy. A return-of-premium death benefit is a feature of considerable value that can be included in a QLAC.

A COLA is a mechanism that adjusts annuity payments in response to inflation. This is accomplished by referencing inflation readings, such as those found on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Incorporating a COLA add-on will necessarily result in diminished payments, at least initially.

It is imperative to consider whether the inflation protection warrants the lower initial payments, taking into account one’s life expectancy.

Laddering is a technique in which the maturity dates or dates on which income becomes available are spaced out. The purpose of laddering in QLACs is to diversify one’s portfolio and reduce interest rate and inflation risk.

A QLAC ladder is a strategy of purchasing a series of smaller QLACs over several years to manage risk. Laddering QLACs may yield a higher payout when purchased at an advanced age and can assist in risk management.

Potential Drawbacks of QLACs

QLACs come with potential drawbacks such as inflexibility, opportunity cost, and dependence on the financial robustness of the issuing insurance company. QLACs are rigid and may not be appropriate for all persons. Upon purchasing a QLAC, access to the funds is lost until the annuity begins.

The opportunity cost associated with QLACs is the potential loss of investment returns that could have been accrued had the funds been invested in other assets, such as mutual funds.

The inflexibility of QLACs has an effect on retirement planning by restricting access to the funds until the annuity starts, which may not be suitable for all individuals who may require access to their retirement savings for unforeseen expenses or other financial requirements.


QLACs offer a powerful retirement income solution, providing guaranteed lifetime income, tax advantages, and the ability to defer RMDs.

By understanding the basics, benefits, and potential drawbacks of QLACs, you can make more informed decisions about your retirement income strategy.

By consulting with an annuity expert, you can make educated decisions regarding your annuity investments, ensuring a safe and secure retirement income strategy that meets your unique financial goals and needs.

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