John educates listeners nationally on his podcast: THE GUARANTEED RETIREMENT GUY

Many annuity advisors sell annuities that are not the best for their clients for a variety of reasons. John talks about what to look out for and how to decipher between the good and the bad ones.

What fees are you paying? Thinking about an annuity but heard the huge fees they are charging? Well in this episode, John breaks it all down for you!

403b plans are famous for their annuity plans, but can you find something better for your 403b account? Lets find out from John in this special episode.

In this episode I interview Chris Simmons who is a writer for and we talk about retirement income planning using annuities as well as the costs to plan for in retirement.

How much do you need to retire? Well according to the Wall Street Journal…it’s $1.46 Million. Lets talk about that.

Don’t wait for the stock market, when you get everything you need right now… from an annuity

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