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Local and National SEO Consultant – Partner With The Best

Looking for an SEO consultant who actually delivers results?

Congrats, you’ve just found one.

My name is John Stevenson and I’ve been in the SEO industry for the last 7 years. In that amount of time I and my team have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and have delivered a strong ROI, every time.

If you are sick of throwing your money away into an ineffective SEO campaign, and ready to start investing money into a 7-figure ROI campaign, then let’s talk.

Quite frankly, I am just looking to partner with a few business owners who actually want to add $2-$5 million per year to their practices.

I live and breathe SEO, and I regularly attend SEO conferences and stay up to date on all of Google algorithm updates. This allows me to stay on top of my game and allows me to deliver great results for my clients utilizing proven strategies.

At Stevenson Consulting, we deliver multiple 7-figure increases to our clients. We use the bulk of your investment to deliver permanent results to your clinic, storefront, or website… no matter what the competition does.

Local and National SEO for small to very large companies. It’s ALL WE DO

My Risk Free Guarantee to you: I guarantee to increase your online visibility within 90 days! If I don’t then I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Recent Results From My Consulting Services

How My SEO Consulting Services Work

First, we’ll jump on a quick call to get a better understanding of what you’re looking to achieve and what services you want to rank for. This is super important as the keywords you target can make or break a campaign.

Next, we’ll arrange a meeting (or call) where I’ll walk you through the options and what I believe to be the best plan of action to improve your rankings, reach your goals and rank on page 1.

The campaign will be built specifically around where your website currently is in Google along with what the competition is doing.

If you are ready to go, we’ll officially take you on as a client and start the whole optimization process. I will personally work with you on a month to month basis and get your website optimized and ranked high on Google for the customers you want most.

Local and National SEO Experts – Meet My Rockstar Team

John Stevenson

Digital Outreach Specialist

Josh Stockel

Local Ranking Speclialist

Cory Long

Local SEO expert

Ashley Stockel

Client Fulfillment

As a leading local and national SEO company, we’ve been at this for quite a while now. The years of experience we have in the field puts us at an advantage when it comes to breaking down the various nuances and best practices of the trade. I’m personally extremely experienced in the technical aspects of the campaign which gives me (and my clients) and unfair advantage when crafting out a strategy.

We don’t waste your time or money on campaigns that don’t deliver. We focus on bringing in AT LEAST 50-100 new customers per month to your business.

Given that we ONLY work with clients we know we can actually help, it’s safe to say that you can trust us to provide you with the best strategies on how you can establish and grow your online brand while bring an influx of new customers each and every month. 

We’ve helped numerous businesses around the world rank high on search engines thanks to our local and national business know-how. So, whether you’ve set up shop as a plastic surgeon, or providing contracting services, we can help you gain traction online and design a campaign that will add at least $500,000-$1,000,000 per year to your bottom line.


Check out some LIVE results of what you can expect to see!

We’re so confident in our capaibilites we offer a Risk Free Guarantee.

SEO Specialist – You’re in Safe Hands

If you are looking for an SEO expert who can provide solid consultant services, then you’re in the right spot. I originally started as a freelance SEO consultant and quickly formed Stevenson Consulting once I realized I couldn’t help all these business owners on my own. Fast forward to today and my team has personally consulted with hundreds of business owners, and most importantly have delivered millions of dollars in rank increases every single time.

While working on all these campaigns I’ve noticed a LOT of similarities in why most websites fail. It’s usually down to one of two things; poor On-Page optimization or toxic backlinks.

To ensure none of my clients suffer from these 2 things I personally triple check all of the On-page optimizations before clicking “publish.” In the first month of working together, I’ll also carry out a thorough website audit, this allows me to spot any toxic backlinks which could potentially cause problems down the line. These 2 things coupled with my vast experience ensure I consistently deliver great results for our clients.

Transparency & Reporting

We are firm believers of transparency, as a result all my clients are provided with a dashboard where they can log in at any time and check the progress of the campaign. On top of this we also provide detailed monthly reporting. If you’re looking for an SEO consultant that provides facts and figures and doesn’t just stuff the reports with nonsense, then you’ve come to the right place.

We charge fair prices while delivering above standard service local and national businesses. My goal is to help as many business owners succeed online. I won’t stop until your business is booming and generating tons of enquiries every day. Success is measured by numbers, and we don’t consider the campaign a success until your business has doubled or tripled it’s revenues.

My Risk Free Guarantee to you: I guarantee to increase your online visibility within 90 days! If I don’t then I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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With us helping, you can stop the worrying and look forward to higher rankings and an increasing ROI.

Our highly skilled team are some of the industry’s finest, and who know what it takes to getting serious ROI from your website. It’s finally time to dominate and say goodbye to your competitors.

If you happened to find our business on Google while searching for “SEO” then that says a lot about our skills. I can do the same for your business once given the chance.

Contact us today and we’ll help your business generate more traffic and enquiries from your website than you ever thought possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an SEO Consultant Do?


A good SEO consultant will perform various tasks as part of the SEO campaign such as; competitor research, SEO audit, On-page and Off-page SEO. However, the main job of a consultant is to help optimize your website so it ranks higher in Google. If you’re a SAB (Service Area Business) then targeting your local towns and cities is typically to the best route to go, this is referred to a local SEO. It’s a lot easier to rank with local SEO as you’re only competing with the sites in your local area.

A great consultant will carry out thorough keyword search to ensure your page ranks for multiple variations of the same term. For Example, “Plastic Surgery Las Vegas” is a different variant of “Las Vegas Plastic Surgery” yet they both carry the same intent. Utilizing keyword variation in your strategies can literally be the difference in generating 20 enquiries a month instead of 5.

How much does an SEO Consultant cost?


This is dependent on exactly what you want to achieve. For example, If you want more breast reduction surgeries in just your city and would like to be on page 1 for “Breast Reduction Surgery Las Vegas” then that would be a lot cheaper then if you wanted to rank nationwide on page one for “Breast Reduction Surgery”.

Some consultants will charge for a one-off SEO consultation, this is typically best suited for small businesses who do not have the capital to invest in a fully fledged SEO campaign.

Get in touch with us today to find out exactly how we can help your company.

Should I hire an SEO company or a consultant?


This depends on your budget and the scope of the campaign. Both options will be able to help you grow your organic traffic so it comes down to preference. We recommend to always go for the latter as you get a more boutique and personal service.
Just make sure you check to see if the offer includes important services like link building.

My company is not based in the US, can you still help?


Yes. We are based in the United States, however we service plastic surgeons and liposuction doctors throughout the world.

I’ve heard the term link building before, what exactly does it mean?


Link building refers to the process of acquiring backlinks to your website. A backlink is mention of your website on an external website, its often referred to as a vote from another website to yours. Google uses backlinks in their algorithm, and it is one of the biggest Off-page ranking signals a site can have. However, as with anything in SEO, quality overrules quantity.

Why Do You Need An Experienced Consultant?


Ranking in the search engines such as Google or Bing is pretty simple once you know how the algorithm works. Figuring out how it works is not so simple, this is the main reason why I provide professional SEO consulting as there’s so much room for growth and opportunity for ambitious business owners. Whether you need simple changes implemented on your website like meta descriptions changes, or whether you need help formulating a comprehensive SEO strategy, you can be confident I can help.

If you own a local business looking for a specialized local SEO service then there’s a high chance you’ve been pondering how to make that next leap forward. As an SEO expert in Plastic Surgery SEO, I can help you find your footing and grow your practice.

Get in touch today if you need SEO help.

How SEO works step by step?


Understanding how SEO works can is simple when you look at it from a birds-eye view.
SEO can be split into 2 categories, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.
On-page involves making small tweaks and optimizations on your website to increase its visibility.
Off-page involves any activity taken externally from your website to increase its online visibility, for example link building.

How do I hire someone for SEO?


5 easy steps to hire someone for SEO:

  1. * Reach out to the individual and ask them to review your website
  2. * Once reviewed its time to host a one-to-one interview to tell them exactly what you’re looking to achieve. Make sure you request for them to send you some keyword examples for the campaign.
  3. * Review the keywords and amend to suit your goals
  4. * Determine the ROI you can expect the generate once you’re ranked for these keywords. You can determine your ROI by using the monthly search volumes couple with the industry standard CTRs.
  5. * Sign the proposal and request for monthly reporting to ensure you are in the loop on whats happening with your campaign.