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About John

About us

Stevenson Consulting was founded by John Stevenson in 2015. John noticed a growing trend of local and national businesses who were frustrated with so called business consultants who kept under-delivering after giving false promises and hope. 

Sound familiar?

Stevenson Consulting was built to be different, as a result, our primary focus is ROI (Return on investment). As business owners too, we understand that at the end of the day its the bottom line that matters most. Our process is like no other, we have our methods and business building strategies down to a science and every advice and systems implemented is made is based on real life data and experience, not by some “business consulting expert” making it up as they go along.

In addition to providing sound business consulting and services, we also provide business startup and growth coaching.

Our 3 core values at Stevenson Consulting: Integrity, Communication and Results

John Stevenson

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Providing Businesses With High ROI

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